Welcome . . . and Thanks!

Thanks for making the trip to my little corner of the world . . . .

Sit down, put your feet up, and let me tell you about some wonderful women I know. Whether from the United States, Europe, or as far away as China, they’re a lot like us . . . doing our best for our families in a world that changes daily and dramatically.

And haven’t we been expected to change right along with it! In many ways, we’ve been successful. In some ways, we’re still struggling. Many of my characters recognize the hand of God in their lives. Some are still searching; but the hope is that, by the final scene, they’ll be that much closer.

There’s romance and suspense, tears and laughter enough for just about anyone. Join me and my friends, won’t you? Our adventures together will take us all over the world. You ready? Let’s go.


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