Merry Christmas

Meeting Our Challenges Head-On! December 25, 2015 Dear Readers: It’s Christmas morning and I want to wish you all the blessings of the day. Christmas changed everything for mankind for this was the day Jesus appeared the first time, having left His heavenly home to come to earth in the form of a helpless baby. The King of Heaven lived the life of a common man, enabling him to identify with each of... read more

Giving Up

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! December 29, 2015 Dear Julie: I’m heartbroken. I was sure my boyfriend would finally ask me to marry him over Christmas. But the presents are unwrapped and there was no ring–again. We’ve been together for 5 years and there’s no promise of commitment from him. Should I hope for Valentine’s Day? –Giving Up ***** Dear Giving Up: Five years is... read more

Suddenly Sexy

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! December 22, 2015 Dear Julie: Over the past 15 months, I’ve lost 85 pounds and I look good. The problem is guys that never even noticed me when I was heavy are coming on to me. I’m uncomfortable about this. If I wasn’t good enough for them before, why am I now? I’m still the same person with the same conviction about no sex before marriage. How do I... read more

Feeling Confused

Meeting Today’s Challenges Head-On! December 18, 2015 Dear Julie: I married on the rebound when my longtime boyfriend broke up with me for someone else. The man I married is a good person and loves me more than I deserve, but ever since my old boyfriend came back on the scene, I can’t think of anything other than to get back together with him. What should I do? –Feeling... read more

Losing My Joy

Meeting Today’s Challenges Head-On! December 15, 2015 Dear Julie: With the holidays upon us, the annual struggle with my kids is at the boiling point. They want so many things I can’t afford. I read stories about Christmas past, how children were content with one small gift because they understood the family didn’t have any money. My kids know I don’t have any money but that... read more

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