Not Fair

Challenges Women Face March 29, 2016 Hello Julie: Back in July I helped my son’s father by providing a home for him cause he had nowhere to go. After a couple of months went by, me and him got into a bad argument. He told me he was in a relationship with another woman, and he left me and his son and stayed with the chick he said he was going with. When he got down there he got a job, and not one... read more

Just Wanting Peace

Challenges Women Face March 25, 2016 Hi Julie, I have been married for a year. We just relocated to North Carolina. My husband has a sick father, whom I have seen but never been introduced to. My husband spends the majority of his time with his father overnights. There are times when he won’t answer his phone, the majority of the time he won’t answer it. He responds to text messages but they... read more

Heartbroken to Pieces

  Challenges Women Face March 22, 2016 Dear Julie: I need help. I fell in love with this man. But I fell in love too fast I’ve only known him for about 6 months. On New Year’s eve I comforted him about some messages and pics I saw on his phone. Yes I went through it. Bad mistake. Now things between us are not the same. I forgave him but at the same time I don’t think he’s forgiven... read more


  Challenges Women Face March 18, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband left me in October, 2015. We have 2 living sons together, but we also had 3 more children that miscarried. He has four other children with the woman he left me for. They have been together off and on since high school, she carried on an affair with his cousin the entire time, he split with her and that was when we met. It’s been on again... read more

Feeling Betrayed

Challenges Women Face March 15, 2016 Dear Julie: I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m so lost and I need help. This does get personal but I have no where else to turn. My partner and I. We’ve been through heaven and hell together. I’ve never once been disloyal to him. He’s never gone out and done a physical act of cheating on me but there were times I caught him... read more

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