No Trust

  Challenges Women Face June 28, 2016 Dear Julie: I’ve been in a relationship for five years with a guy. We have a child together. He has cheated on me throughout our relationship. I have no trust in him at all. All I can think about is everything he has put me through, but I love him and don’t know what to do anymore.–No Trust ***** Dear No Trust: My advice to you is to lay down the... read more

Forget About Him

Challenges Women Face June 24, 2016 Dear Julie: You seem to be a very spiritual woman that is led by God. I too want to be led in the right direction. I ask for guidance all the time. I’m not new to the Lord but I often times can’t distinguish whether He is speaking to me or am I just listening to my own personal thoughts and feelings. Well one particular issue is probably not hard to fix but... read more

Fighting a losing battle?

  Challenges Women Face June 21, 2016 Dear Julie: I’m asking for your prayers. I’ve just been married for about 3 months, and was in a relationship with him a little over a year. I’m just full of anger and resentment (and mostly hurt) regarding his 2 younger children by a previous relationship. The problem is, I’ve never even met them (ages 8 and 2 1/2). The 2 1/2 year old is his only... read more

Sick, Tired, & Confused

Challenges Women Face June 17, 2016 Good Day Julie: I have been in a relationship with a leader of the church we attend for 1 year. During this time he has broken up with me 6 times-due to accusations of me cheating on him and not wanting him. He is 17 years my senior. These issues surface whenever I don’t summit to his wants. His actions tend to show many signs of insecurity and selfishness. I have... read more

Lost and Heartbroken

Challenges Women Face June 14, 2016 Dear Julie: I’ve been married for six years to an addict. When he’s clean, he’s the most wonderful, intelligent, funny man I’ve ever known. I love my husband more than anything but him being in active addiction, I feel like I’m the one that’s losing it. I really don’t know what to do, leave my husband or stay and continue to try... read more

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