Asking for Prayers & Answers

  Challenges Women Face October 11, 2016 Hi Julie: I live common-law with a man for 10 years and we have 3 children. I have never felt peace over it. He believes we’re married In God’s eyes. But I don’t believe that, because I believe I would be in peace if that was true. I’m a Christian but he isn’t.  He believes in Jesus but doesn’t live it. He is very filthy... read more

Praying for My Marriage

  Challenges Women Face October 7, 2016 Dear Julie: How do you know if it is Satan speaking thru your husband ? I’m going thru a divorce now which he filed the last month of my pregnancy. He has a new girlfriend. He didn’t care bout our daughter while in the womb, now all of a sudden he acts like he wants to see her. But he offends me on the phone and says he wished he never knew me and he... read more

Alone on the Journey

  Challenges Women Face October 3, 2016 Dear Julie: I feel like I’m alone on this journey like no one is there to help me with things. I feel like family is not there. Please help.–Alone on the Journey ***** Dear Alone on the Journey We all sometimes feel like we’re alone on the journey. Sometimes our family and friends can’t meet our needs (even if they might want to).... read more