Confused and Lonely

  Challenges Women Face June 13, 2017 Dear Julie: I lost my husband four years ago to cancer and ever since I lost him I have never felt more alone than I do now. I met this wonderful guy and he has made my heart feel love again, but I don’t know if he really does truly love me as he says he does or if he is only saying things to try to help. –Confused and Lonely ***** Dear Confused and... read more

Needing Help

Challenges Women Face June 6, 2017 Dear Julie: I am a young lady who has come from nothing, but that did not stop me. I went off to college to be the first generation graduate in my family. Along the way, I gained two handsome boys. Each of them has a different father who verbally abused me and made me feel so low that I even contemplated the worst. I didn’t even want to wake up the next day. But I... read more

Discouraged and Lonely

Challenges Women Face June 2, 2017 Dear Julie: I am 50 years old and am still struggling with my divorce going on two years now! I also struggle financially. I work three jobs and feel as if I cannot get a break! I do not have any friends that are my age or, if they are my age, they do not live the way that is pleasing to God. I pray and pray for God to lead me. I feel so discouraged and lonely!... read more


Challenges Women Face May 30, 2017 Dear Julie: I can relate to falling into the same sin which is smoking cigarettes and dealing with my children’s father. He doesn’t mean me any good but I always let him back in because he acts as if he’s changed. But he hasn’t–his behavior is the same. He asked me to marry him and I wanted to but deep down inside I know I would be making the worst... read more

Lost and Sad

  Challenges Women Face May 26, 2017 Dear Julie: Hy heart is filled with so much pain. I have two daughters and six grands. If I tried to tell you from the beginning it would take all day. I stay in financial distress all the time. My children disrespect me continually. I cannot see where I was ever the worst parent. See I’ve basically raised them by myself. Their father was in and out of their... read more

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