Needing Guidance

Challenges Women Face August 4, 2017 Dear Julie: Please pray for me tonight. I need help. I’m drug addict. I want to quit then something else tells me to get high. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m lost. I need sure guidance from you please. –Needing Guidance ***** Dear Needing Guidance: Drown out all voices but God’s, and listen to him tell you to put aside those old ways... read more

Wanting to Tithe

Challenges Women Face August 1, 2017 Dear Julie: My husband and I have decided to start tithing…. I know God’s Word is perfect and true, my husband knows that, too. However, the struggle financially is very real. Please agree with me in prayer that he will go forward with our vow to God and not allow the enemy to detour us. Thank you. God bless you. –Wanting to Tithe ***** Dear Wanting to... read more

Fed Up

Challenges Women Face July 28, 2017 Dear Julie: I have a “friend” down the street. She watched as I lost over 100 pounds. She is somewhat heavy herself and appears to be trying to sabotage me where food is concerned. It is like she wants me to feel as bad about myself as she does about herself. I gained back about 30 pounds by hanging out with her last year, and I am simply not willing to... read more

Waiting Patiently

Challenges Women Face July 25, 2017 Dear Julie, After many years of failed relationships, 2 divorces, and being reborn to Christ, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that you can’t have a friends-with-benefits relationship with someone while wanting +praying for a godly husband…I have nixed the friends-with-benefits and continue in prayer for a husband…just need to know what else to do, where... read more


Challenges Women Face July 21, 2017 Dear Julie: I have been talking to this guy for about 2 months, and at first it was perfect almost. He showed up at my church one day and we were both pretty emotionally broken because I was abused and sexually assaulted by a friend and he’s in the process of a difficult divorce from a woman who’s still emotionally abusive. We said we would take things slow... read more

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