Made to Look Stupid

Challenges Women Face August 31, 2017 Dear Julie: I’ve been meaning to write you for a while but my deep depression has set in like never before. I’ve been going through a divorce where things just kept getting worse. Last court date I was excited to finally have it be over with. In the process of this divorce, I’ve done everything my husband and his attorney wanted me to. He tried to... read more

Needing Prayer

Challenges Women Face August 28, 2017 Dear Julie: Please pray for my boyfriend. Pray for him so he could cooperate with me, respect me, and especially change his life to God, to be a Christian. –Needing Prayer ***** Dear Needing Prayer: I am honored to pray for you. I’m praying that God will bless you with wisdom and grace to know what to do. That He will impress on you the importance of... read more

Deeply Broken

Challenges Women Face August 25, 2017 Dear Julie: I am 33 years old and the mother of 2 little boys, but a couple years ago I decided to marry my youngest son’s dad. BIG MISTAKE on my part as he had already filed for divorce before we said our vows. He was verbally and physically abusive and finally, after seeing my young son start to hit, I left with divorce papers in hand. I’m juggling life... read more


Challenges Women Face August 22, 2017 Dear Julie: I am a Christian, not a perfect one but I am a Christian. I have been friends with someone a very long time and just this January, we became intimate. We both really care for each other, but the only thing is he’s connected to church but doesn’t go. I fear spiritually I’ll go thru some unnecessary trials I could have avoided, but he is... read more

Let Down

Challenges Women Face August 15, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m married to a man who has treated both my children and me very poorly throughout the years with emotional and verbal abuse. He is 17 years older than me. We have been married 4 years and have only lived together 8 months. I’m seeing changes in him. He is coming around somewhat. His daughter suddenly died a few months ago, and I was there for him. I... read more

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