“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) December 29, 2017 Dear Julie: I love my boyfriend and he loves me. We’ve been through a lot, basically me, but I had to fight for him at first because I wasn’t the only person he claimed to love…but now we are together and after our year anniversary, I sometimes question our relationship because he sometimes lies to me. He... read more


“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) December 26, 2017 Dear Julie: I am at a loss of what to do! And I want to follow the will of God. My problem is my mother. She suffers from Alzheimer’s. I want to bring her into my home and take care of her, but I can’t afford to quit work. I believe we all should honor our parents as God has commanded but how can I? I am the sole... read more


“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) December 22, 2017 I recently moved in with my mom after living with my dad for about five years. I’ve always wanted to live with my mom but never got the chance until now. But now that I’m living with her, it seems like my dad has nothing to do with me, or doesn’t care anymore. We even fuss about me having a phone, because he... read more


“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) December 19, 2017 Dear Julie: How do I pray for a child who is an addict and full of pride and arrogance? He is now back in my home and I really don’t want him there but he had nowhere else to go. — Broken-Hearted ***** Dear Broken-Hearted: Your son’s pride and arrogance could be his way of masking the fact he is scared and out... read more

Lonely and Depressed

“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) December 15, 2017 Dear Julie: My husband recently left me because I was too hard on him about his old habits coming back. I love my husband but I want him to be the man I married not the man he chose to be. He is verbally abusive and, to me, that’s worse than physical abuse. Torn, what should I do? –Lonely and Depressed ***** Dear... read more

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