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A Day in the Life of Rebecca Gaumitz

Considering how to get involved in the pro-life movement?  Don’t see what you can do?  Here is one way I help out.  I may not have the time to hold up signs or give a great amount of money but God has allowed me to give through my business.  I own a seasonal consignment sale. Each consignor can decide if they would like to donate their items at the ... read more

Notes of Appreciation for Pregnancy Centers – BEaVOICE

During the month of January Betsy Powell of Focus on the Family urged Facebook members to BEaVOICE and send notes of appreciation to pregnancy centers for their selfless ministry of grace to women in unexpected pregnancies. Consequently, an awesome 23-page document, comprised of hundreds of individual thank-you notes, testifies to the great work of pregnancy resource centers around the world, more... read more

All Life Is Sacred! (by Julie Surface Johnson)

She examined the jewel in our crown–firstborn son of our firstborn daughter–with the trained eye of a pediatric nurse and declared, “Something’s wrong. I’d have him checked for Down syndrome.” I recoiled, like a cobra, in denial. Who was this person who dared upset our perfect world and perfect family with cruel conjecturing? Certainly it hadn’t escaped me... read more

InspireLife Now Blog

Pro-Life Tribe invites you to visit the Inspire Life Now Blog for an excellent analysis of the Focus on the Family ad, scheduled to air during the Super Bowl featuring Tim Tebow and his mother... read more

When It’s Time to Speak Out

Editor’s note: This post was first seen as The Promise of Holy Boldness on my other blog . But I’m posting it here since it relates so well to the power pro-lifers can exert when we all work together. ____________________ Have you ever witnessed the glorious transformation of a timid, gentle, soul into a bold proclaimer of truth? I have. Years ago, a subcommittee in the Oregon State House... read more

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