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August 11, 2017

Dear Julie:

I hope you can be a blessing to me on this. My husband died in 2016, and I want to date again. But he has to be a Godly man. I know I’m not wrong for this, right?

I’m a saved woman but there is a guy I let go because he doesn’t understand me, and he’s not saved. He just wants me. I try to explain to him he is not what I want. I don’t need someone who is not saved. I can’t change him, and sex is something I’m saving for marriage. If I give in, my soul is at stake right? So what is best for me, to go on dating while I wait? Do I just explain myself to a person or just don’t date and wait on God? I’m so bored right now in life and relationship. –Bored

Dear Bored:

You are absolutely doing the right thing in waiting for a godly man! While you are waiting, don’t be afraid to mingle with other Christians (at church, on Christian dating services online, e.g., eharmony, Christian Mingle, Christian Connection), for this may be where you will find the man you are seeking. Get out, have fun, BUT DO NOT be intimate with anyone until you are married.

It doesn’t matter what a man may tell you about how much he wants you, he must PROVE it by understanding what it is you need and what will make you happy. He must love Jesus like you do, he must be attending and active in his local church, and he must treat you with respect. Introduce him to other Christian friends and get their feedback. They may pick up on something you’ve missed. You have such a wonderful testimony of loving God; I would hate to see you mess up your life by choosing the wrong man. Let God choose him for you. He won’t let you down.

God bless,


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on through Christ who strengthens us!

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