Christian Bashing

“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1)

January 26, 2018

Dear Julie:

Seems there’s been a lot of Christian bashing lately. I’d like to speak up for them. I used to live a life full of drinking, drugs, and sex. I trusted no one, and I deserved no trust from anyone else. Then one day God introduced me to himself and the Christian life.

Recently, I’ve been shocked that Christians are being portrayed as judgmental and intolerant because I’ve found them forgiving and patient. Sure, I’ve met a few bad eggs over the years but, for the most part, Christians try to live as Christ did. And no one was more loving and forgiving than he was. Just like Jesus, they try to warn people of what God said in the Bible–a day of judgment is coming for those who refuse his love and forgiveness. –Speaking up for Christians


Dear Speaking-up: Good words! A recent survey showed that, within the group born between 1999 and 2015, people identifying as athiests double that of the general population in the U.S. via @barnagroup

Someone needs to warn them.

And when we warn them, we need to do it out of a heart of Christian love so they’ll have a reason to want to spend eternity with us. God bless you.

Thanks for writing. Julie

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