“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1)


October 17, 2017

Dear Julie:

I’m praying and I know I could do a whole lot better with my praying throughout the day. But I’ve been with someone for 8yrs. I left where I call home to move to Brunswick, Georgia, to help my boyfriend out with his grandmother.

I understand that no one is perfect and we all have flaws. He has treated me very wrong since I’ve been here with him. He has gotten worse, attitude and all. I just pray. I do love him and we aren’t together right now. but we do see and keep in touch with each other. I have no family here and I like it here as long as we are not having storms. What should I do? –Confused

Dear Confused:

Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. I’m sorry you’re going through stormy times, especially after you left everything behind to move to Brunswick, Georgia, to help out someone who is now treating you badly.

Is it possible you misread his intentions? Maybe he didn’t intend for you to follow him to Georgia. Just sayin’ because I really don’t know all the circumstances. Is it possible for you to return home? Get some distance between you and your boyfriend? Make him realize you sacrificed a lot to help him out and he’s acting very ungrateful? You aren’t together now anyway and you can still keep in touch by phone. And, by the way, how is his grandmother doing? Does she still need his/your help?

May I pray for you? “Father God, please help my friend know what to do. Help her to recognize that if she is a Christian, she belongs to you and is, therefore, a daughter of the King of Kings. Help her to respect herself and to expect respect from others. Help her to love all people but to reserve unconditional love for the man she marries. Give her wisdom and grace and comfort and peace. I ask this in Jesus’ wonderful and matchless name. Amen.”

God bless you, dear one. Julie


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