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December 16, 2016

Dear Julie:

Hi! So I’ve been in a bad domestic violence (even married the guy) relationship for 3.5 yrs with my now husband being locked up most of it

Long story short,he’s doing his 2 year stint in prison over a parole violation and I’ve found a boyfriend,a guy who treats me like gold. My husband has found prison religion, as they all do, and has been baptized, etc. asking for forgiveness as always and yet another chance. Yet, he still obsesses over things that have just not happened. He was big into dope. Help! –Doubting He’s Changed


Dear Doubting:

I don’t blame you for doubting. Anyone who’s been a victim of domestic violence would have no reason to want to return to that scene. Are there people at the prison, a chaplain for instance, who could tell you if his “conversion” is for real? If he truly has embraced Christ, he will be a changed man–not perfect, but filled with the Spirit guiding him in paths of righteousness.

If his conversion appears real to the chaplain, would you be willing to give him an opportunity to prove himself? He is your husband and you did take vows to stay together as long as you both should live.

No one could blame you if your answer is no, especially with a gem of a boyfriend standing by and, also, with your husband still obsessing over things. This is your choice and one you must prayerfully make. Ask God for wisdom to make the best choice.

Readers, can you help here?

God bless,


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