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June 24, 2016

Dear Julie:

You seem to be a very spiritual woman that is led by God. I too want to be led in the right direction. I ask for guidance all the time. I’m not new to the Lord but I often times can’t distinguish whether He is speaking to me or am I just listening to my own personal thoughts and feelings.

Well one particular issue is probably not hard to fix but here goes….. So I have been divorced for almost a year now. For some odd reason people that approach me are usually married. They might be separated but still they are married. Well it makes me sick to my stomach. BUT!!! Just recently a co-worker of 3 years (whom I’m now attracted to) decided to express his interest in me. He has confided in me his situation at home and says he is no longer happy. He calls and texts me all the time (whether at home or work). I think he wants to eventually get custody of his kids from the way he speaks but that could just be all talk. He sends pics of all sorts….nudes, him and his kids, etc. I have asked why me and he states that I appreciate him and all he wants is appreciation and love. He also says that he wants me all to himself and doesn’t want anyone else to have me even though he has no right to say that (his words, not mine). He also says things like he wants to one day wake up next to me forever. I’m not really waiting on him because I’m working on bettering myself and I’m not actively looking for a man (he shall find me) but should I keep him close, just in case or forget about him all together? –Keep him close or forget about him


You are smart, you are a child of God who is working on bettering yourself, and you are waiting for the right man to find you.

You already know the answer to your question. Forget about him.

This one is not the right man! He is insulting your intelligence and your morality by sending you nude pictures and by telling you he is no longer happy in his marriage. You need a strong man, one you can respect, one who will lead you in paths of righteousness, not a whiner bent on dragging you into the pigpen with him.

God bless you,


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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