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March 25, 2016

Hi Julie,

I have been married for a year. We just relocated to North Carolina. My husband has a sick father, whom I have seen but never been introduced to.

My husband spends the majority of his time with his father overnights. There are times when he won’t answer his phone, the majority of the time he won’t answer it. He responds to text messages but they are short and most of the time he doesn’t answer my question. It is going on two weeks that I have not physically seen him as he said his dad took a fall and he had to take him to the hospital last week. His dad does not want me there at the house.

I am at my wits end. Our first marriage and no kids. I have been praying and praying to God to take the wheel. I am ashamed and embarrassed and don’t want to deal with the social stigma of divorce or my family to deal with this. I just want peace. What is the point on being married to someone you never see?  How can I find the strength to move on? I just want peace and I don’t have it. I’m married to a man who never sees me and he is a very poor communicator. I sometimes think he is having an affair. But he says no. God what do I do? I have no proof that he is cheating. Please pray for me and our marriage. Thank you Julie. God bless you.


Dear Just Wanting Peace:

How much did you know about your husband before you married him? He seems shrouded in mystery–and it appears he likes to keep it that way. He may truly have an ill father who needs him at this particular time in his life. And, if so, you need to be patient and supportive of him.

Still, I can’t believe he isn’t able to find a few minutes to spend with you or to phone you just to touch bases. I don’t blame you for wondering if he’s having an affair; but before jumping to conclusions, I’d encourage you to ask God to make things abundantly clear and to give you wisdom to know how best to proceed.

I promise to pray for you and will ask our readers to do the same. I hope this will pass and you and your husband will have many good years ahead–but I also hope he will learn to be a better communicator. If you can get him into marriage counseling, it would likely be a very good thing.

God bless,


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