Losing My Joy

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December 15, 2015

Dear Julie: With the holidays upon us, the annual struggle with my kids is at the boiling point. They want so many things I can’t afford. I read stories about Christmas past, how children were content with one small gift because they understood the family didn’t have any money. My kids know I don’t have any money but that doesn’t stop them from wanting every kind of electronic device there is.

I work 3 jobs just keeping them fed and clothed. I get no child support, but the kids’ dad will make a fine show of giving them stuff I can’t afford and, of course, he’s the big hero this time of year. It makes me so mad, and sad at the same time. What can I do? –Losing my Christmas Joy


Dear Losing: Life can be so unfair and you certainly have reason to be sad. In fact, we all should be sorrowful over the commercialism that has robbed Christmas of its true meaning…God sending His son to this earth to atone for our sins and open the gates of heaven to all who believe in Him.

That message of hope and goodwill is being drowned out in a culture dominated by secularism and those who profit from big sales. And, sadly, it’s not only children whose wants exceed their ability to pay for them but also adults. Everywhere we see people going into debt to make their dreams come true.

I suggest a family discussion over cocoa and cookies. Show your children their wish lists (prices included) and next show them your bank statement. Then explain that while your funds are limited, your love for them has no bounds. You will always be there for them NO MATTER WHAT. And God’s love for them is even greater! Then pray that they’ll receive the very gifts God knows they need.

Though they’ll still be disappointed, at least they’ll know you are not denying them out of meanness. You simply don’t have the funds. And then find comfort in knowing that one day they will “get it”–like when they have kids.

I went online and found a list of places where you may be able to find help with some of your Christmas expenses at <…>. The article is old but its suggestions are timeless.

May God bless you, my sister in Christ, with peace and unspeakable joy.

Article Source:
Those looking for a place where they can get help for Christmas can be encouraged with the knowledge that there are many charities, civic organizations,…


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way,
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