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June 14, 2016

Dear Julie:

I’ve been married for six years to an addict. When he’s clean, he’s the most wonderful, intelligent, funny man I’ve ever known. I love my husband more than anything but him being in active addiction, I feel like I’m the one that’s losing it. I really don’t know what to do, leave my husband or stay and continue to try and help him get better. Sincerely, Lost and Heartbroken


Dear Lost and Heartbroken:

I did an internet search (googled) on “help with addictions for family members” and came up with a long list of do’s and don’t s and organizations that offer help. I would advise you to study the recommendations and check out these helpful groups. Educating yourself on how to help your husband without being manipulated will enable you to be of real assistance. Check out your community resources as well. In our town, there’s an organization called Lutheran Community Services that offers help on a sliding scale so that it’s affordable or free. I admire your dedication to your husband. You already know how addictions can traumatize the entire family and it could get worse yet. But with God’s help and your determination, I believe you can make a go of it. God bless you. Julie


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
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2 Responsesto “Lost and Heartbroken”

  1. Ginni Hodder says:

    Addiction is such a hard thing. You can only do so much they have to want to heal. They are not themselves and need professional help. Its the hardest thing to let go and let God. Best of luck.

  2. Julie Admin says:

    Thanks for responding, Ginni, and for encouraging our sister in Christ.

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