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June 28, 2016

Dear Julie:

I’ve been in a relationship for five years with a guy. We have a child together. He has cheated on me throughout our relationship. I have no trust in him at all. All I can think about is everything he has put me through, but I love him and don’t know what to do anymore.–No Trust


Dear No Trust:

My advice to you is to lay down the law. Either he steps up to the plate, offers you exclusive rights to him (via marriage vows), or you send him packing.

This will take courage on your part because he may leave. On the other hand, do you really want to stay with a man you don’t trust? Believe me, there are plenty of good men out there who would be honored to have your love and would take good care of your child.

God bless you,


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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