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October 10, 2017

Dear Julie:

I have a 30-year-old daughter named Melissa that suffers from severe depression and anxiety. I believe she may also be bipolar because of her behavior. About 3 years ago she allowed the state to place her children with their dad after years of her putting up with his abuse. She felt she had no more fight in her, so she surrendered her children to him. Since then she just went mentally and emotionally downhill, which I can imagine. Her pain for her children, never seeing them again because of her fear of the kids’ dad.

Shortly after she goes through all that, we lose my oldest daughter to AIDS and, of course, we’re all devastated by this, but my 30 yr.old daughter (Melissa) takes a complete turnaround. She goes astray from the family becoming homeless and lost. She knows the Lord and has been saved. I too am saved and I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed for my daughter. Today she lives with me, but I now also have 2 of my grandkids living with me after their mother’s passing.

Most times Melissa can be good, but sometimes she becomes suddenly upset and refuses to speak or stays up all night making a mess and not cleaning up after herself among other things. I can no longer tolerate this behavior.

I’ve sought help for her but, because she is an adult, she can choose to stay in a facility or home, but she chooses not to. This has brought me to a heartbreaking decision which is to ask her to leave. I love my daughter very much but I have to take care my grandchildren (ages 10 and 14) as well and myself. The thought of her being homeless kills me. Please I need prayer, spiritual advice guidance and peace of mind in Jesus name!!—Torn

Dear Torn:

God bless you. There is no easy choice. To imagine your daughter homeless is one horribly painful choice. To allow her to negatively impact your young grandchildren is the other horribly painful choice.

Here’s something to consider: Melissa is an adult and can make her own choices. Your grandchildren are young and need your protection. I grieve for you, my sister. And I pray God will give you wisdom to make the right choice, strength to follow through, and comfort as you walk through these deep waters.

“Father, please help my friend. Give her peace in her spirit and wisdom to make the best choice in her situation. Give her grace to speak the truth in love to her daughter and give Melissa grace to receive her mother’s wisdom. Father, I ask that you speak to Melissa’s spirit, reassuring her that you love her unconditionally and that you will give her the strength to deal with the pain of losing her children. And, yes, please deal with the children’s father. Bring him to his knees and call out for you to save him. Father, if you could bring healing to this family through repentance and restoration, it would be so great. We know that to make this work, it will require a miracle. Please send your angels of protection to fight off the enemy and bring about reconciliation, first with you and then with each other. Help Torn to remain strong while you are working all things together for good, and give her grace to persevere. Amen.”


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on through Christ who strengthens us!

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