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May 31, 2016

Dear Julie:

I have been dating a guy since December and he has been distant to the point he finally said he didn’t want a relationship including friendship. I believed that God brought us back together and I am heartbroken.

You see in 2009 we tried to date and I wasn’t interested. He married in 2010 and lost his wife to cancer in 2013. In August 2015 he contacted me again and I was going to give it a shot but he ended it. In December we started a relationship again. This time I truly sought God and opened up my heart to him. Things were great until a few weeks ago until he became distant again.

Yesterday I finally got him to tell me what is going on. He said he has stage 3 liver cancer and he just needs to be by himself and for me to go find a good life. I’m praying and believing for his complete healing. I love him and I am at a loss as to what and how to handle this. I’m praying that he will stop pushing me away and allow for me to take care of him. I’m asking God what He wants me to do?  Even though he pushes me away I can’t stand the thought of him going thru this alone. Please pray for us. I truly believe God led me to your posting.–Wanting to Help


Dear Wanting to Help:

As I see it, all you can do is express to this man that you understand his situation, that you love him, and want to help. If, after that, he continues to push you away, I believe you need to honor his request. Some people isolate themselves when they face a hard trial, preferring to go it alone rather than include others in their suffering. And he knows firsthand what it’s like to watch someone suffer and die. He may be wanting to spare you that heartache.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. You can continue to pray to God on his behalf. Praying could be the very best thing you could do for him, now or ever.

God bless you,


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