Alone and Terrified

November 6, 2015

Dear Julie: I’ve done this before replied to a post offering advice but it seems once I mentioned my problem I got no response. However, God had lead me to your page seeking advice. I suffer from mental illness and as of late my memory has been fading,I am terrified and I know fear is not of God but the devil. I haven’t mentioned this to anyone in my family or even my recent memory issues with my doctor. What advice can you offer ?–Terrified


Dear Terrified: You’re in a fearful place, and I’m sorry you’re going through it. As you say, fear is not of God. It is of God’s enemy, the devil. But here’s the thing–you and I both know God is far stronger than the devil. In fact, God can make mincemeat out of that old serpent. So, when your memory fades, hang on to one thing–just one thing. God knows!

He knows the trouble you’re in. He knows how to protect you, and He knows how to fight your demons and your battles. So while you’re passing through that valley, fear no evil, for God is with you . . . protecting you.

There may be a physical reason for your troubles. God will direct you to the right doctor if your current one is not helping you. Perhaps you need to consult a trusted family member or friend. Perhaps your pastor or clergyman. God will help you take the first step.

The main thing to remember is that God loves you and wants you to trust in Him with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding and He will direct your paths. I’ll be praying for you and ask our readers to pray as well. God bless you.


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way,
we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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