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April 11, 2017

Dear Julie:

My husband’s mother abandoned him and abused him physically. His grandmother raised him best she could but she got on drugs while he was a preteen and that also had him grow up too fast. Her drug use took her to move out of town when he was 21…so again he felt abandoned. Every woman he got in a relationship with, he says, cheated. Now we’ve been married three years and he doesn’t trust me or ANYONE for that matter and declares frequently that he never will.

It hurts so bad because I’m not cheating. We separated twice because of his rants and rage, jealousy and control issues. I love him so! I always forgive and go back to him. I’m emotionally, mentally and spiritually depleted and stressed out. He says he doesn’t want to believe I’m a liar and cheater but doesn’t want to be deceived. I told him that he is being deceived by the devil, but he thinks I’m saying this to throw him off. I’ve been praying without ceasing but that’s a stronghold based in traumatizing circumstances. The devil causes him to be confused. I feel I need to divorce him because nothing has changed, and that tormenting spirit torments us both. I can’t focus on ministry because of this and the devil knows this. –Crushed


Dear Crushed:

This is a really difficult situation you are facing. Your husband needs Christian counseling, and I hope he will agree to it. Until he gets help, he is going to continue to distrust you. Can you live with that? It appears you are doing all you can and yet you find yourself “emotionally, mentally and spiritually depleted and stressed out.” Do you have children? If so, that makes it even more important that he get help so they are not exposed to this tormenting spirit.

Perhaps a legal separation would help him realize how much he misses you. I’m asking our readers to join me in praying for wisdom for you and to offer help from their personal or professional points of view.

God bless you. Julie


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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