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June 7, 2016

Dear Julie:

With great faith In God, I had gone to US to get settled with my best friend who was staying there past 10 years. But when I was there, he started making excuses saying he doesn’t want to get married..needs time. And he asked me go back to London. If I stay more, I too would be illegal.I was so broken as I came back. I had made it clear to him that I’m not coming as a visitor to USA but to settle the rest of my life with him. His father was anxiously waiting for him to come home to India as he was on death bed suffering from cancer. I made him understand in all the ways possible to go back home in India. Since I have never seen his parents, I went to take their blessings. They were all so very happy…but when he pushed me back it was disheartening to the family as well.

I was praying earnestly to the Lord to get him back home as his father was getting worse.. And last month he passed away. And still he didn’t go home..only asked me what would he do back home in India. I asked him several times if he had anyone in his life and he said a big NO. He loves an 11-year-old boy who treats him as a father. I’m praying that he will change his mind and come back for me. When his father was alive, I had little hope. I have had relationships with men my past, but the peace and joy I had with this man was totally different.I like him because he is less spoken, not drinking, or smoking. He was always in God, but since he is away from home or the fact that he cannot go home has made him a stone. Please pray for me and guide me or advise me as what I have to do in this whole situation. –Distressed in India


Dear Distressed:
This is a tough situation for you and I am truly sorry for your pain. Yet, because your friend is being so evasive, all you can do is go by what he has said.

For whatever reasons, he has no intention of returning to India and he does not want you to be with him in America, at least at this time in his life. As I see it, there’s only one thing you can do. While continuing to pray for this man you love, leave him in God’s hands and move on with your life.

If he never returns to you, God will give you the strength to bear it; and, in the meantime, he may lead you to another man you can love, one who has the qualities you admire, one who will love you in return. Trust God. He loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life–you can count on that. God bless, Julie


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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