Making It On My Own

Facing Our Challenges Head-On

October 27, 2015

Dear Julie: I need help on how to handle making it on my own after being so dependent on someone else for 25 years, 20 years of marriage and 5 years with a live-in boyfriend. Our relationship has run its course. I am very ill and unable to work. Please help. I do not have the heart to put him out but do not want him here. He has no place to go.. .. Desperately seeking advice.


Dear Desperate: If we were sitting face to face, I’d ask questions so I could understand your situation better. For example, why has your boyfriend no place to go? Does he work? What has he brought to the relationship that made you depend on him for 5 years? Do you love him? Would your relationship benefit from Christian counseling?

These unanswered questions hamper my giving you the best advice. All I can go on is that you say the relationship has run its course. If it’s over and you feel he’s using you, then be strong and put him out. It sounds like you have plenty of troubles without adding his to the mix.

Are you under a doctor’s care? Are you receiving assistance to help you get through this rough patch in your life? Do you have a support network of friends and family? Most important, do you have a relationship with the living God who can and will help you?

I’m asking our readers to join me in praying for you. Many of us have known how you feel–inadequate and afraid to go it alone after depending on others for so many years. And yet, with God’s help, we’ve found we can move mountains. May God bless you with peace in the midst of your storm.


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way,
we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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