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June 6, 2017

Dear Julie:

I am a young lady who has come from nothing, but that did not stop me. I went off to college to be the first generation graduate in my family. Along the way, I gained two handsome boys. Each of them has a different father who verbally abused me and made me feel so low that I even contemplated the worst. I didn’t even want to wake up the next day.

But I kept pushing for my kids. I thought that I asked all the right questions and I just knew I was in love but obviously I wasn’t. My oldest son’s dad disappeared on us, and my youngest son’s dad is still involved in our lives, but he irritates me to be core. Not because we aren’t together but because he says the most absurd things. Anyway, I feel so stuck right now and I’m looking for a job and childcare, but I feel like I’m in limbo with life. I’m not sure how to be specific in my prayers. I need help. Thank you for reading.—Needing Help


Dear Needing Help:

Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished with your life, especially those two precious boys. Concentrate on them right now. And since you’re still involved with your youngest son’s dad, perhaps you could concentrate on that relationship as well.

Do you love him? If so, praise the good things that he does rather than focus on the irritating things he says. Perhaps he hasn’t been blessed with as much education as you have. That doesn’t have to matter. Love can cover a multitude of problems. Positive reinforcement of the good things he does may help him become what you are looking for. More than anything, pray that he will become devoted to following the Lord. Then God’s Holy Spirit can help him grow into a man of substance.

But, if you don’t love him, why are you wasting time with him? Maybe you need a fresh start with someone you love and respect. Your boys will benefit from the stability of a married mom and dad. Be willing to wait for God’s best. In the meantime, focus on your sons, be their role model, make them proud.

“Father, I pray for Needing Help. Give her grace to deal with her circumstances, faith to believe you have a plan for her life, strength to deal with the things in her life that don’t please you, and hope for her future. Thank you for giving her so many blessings. Help her to be able to prioritize her life in a way that will bring peace to her heart and stability to her family. Bless her, Lord, with a closer walk with you. Amen.”


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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