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August 9, 2016

Dear Julie:

As I lay in bed with my baby girl and read all these stories people are writing you, I feel relieved. At first I was skeptical about writing because I only talk to my mom about my problems and she’s always been here for me and my two kids. But today as I was reading these stories, it was like God put something in my heart to write you. So I’m going to follow my heart and seek for help and prayer for myself and my two kids.

I’m 23 with two kids. I love them with everything in me but some days it’s just so hard. I just received my G.E.D about a month ago and am trying to better myself. I feel like giving up all the time. Seems like if I take two steps forward I get knocked ten steps back. I know life isn’t easy but I just feel like I been going through it forever. I pray all the time seeking help but I must not be praying correctly.

I’ve been with this guy almost five years. When I met him, I was already pregnant from a previous relationship. Once I had my child, he stepped right up and took responsibility for her. I never asked him to do it, it’s what he wanted to do. And he hasn’t left her side since she’s been here. Two years later we have another baby girl and he’s still here.

This guy was so sweet but it’s like he’s changed. He’s very disrespectful to me at times, he calls me out my name and puts me down. I don’t understand why he do me this way because I love him so much, I pray about us all the time. We’ve been together this long and he don’t like to talk about marriage. It’s like I ruin his day once I bring that situation up.

I don’t understand why he don’t like to talk about marriage and we’ve been together this long. I honestly don’t know what he wants from me. But he says he love me and we will get married one day. I don’t know if I should keep holding onto him and believe him or if I should let go. I’m so hurt at this point and I’m not understanding this situation I need help.

Please help me! I need prayer for a change, and a better life for myself and my kids.–Praying for Change

Dear Praying for Change:

I’m praying for change for you, too, dear one. Stress is difficult for anyone. Even if you were willing to put up with all this disrespect, you are right to want a better life for your kids. And you are proving your love for them by getting your G.E.D. and seeking to better yourself.

You know the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe time separated from you and the children will soften his heart, make him realize how blessed he is to have a woman who loves him in spite of his shortcomings, make him realize what a treasure he has in his kids.

But if he doesn’t come to this realization, then maybe he isn’t worth troubling about. Maybe it’s best for you to move on while you are still young and have time to start fresh. Please, though, be sure to start right. Don’t get involved romantically with anyone who won’t prove his love for you by asking you to marry him–on his knees–before God and witnesses.

In the meantime, stay strong. Make good use of your support network, especially your mom! You are blessed to have her to lean on.

Wishing you only God’s best, Julie


Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face them head-on
through Christ who strengthens us!

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