A Day in the Life of Rebecca Gaumitz

Considering how to get involved in the pro-life movement?  Don’t see what you can do?  Here is one way I help out.  I may not have the time to hold up signs or give a great amount of money but God has allowed me to give through my business.  I own a seasonal consignment sale. Each consignor can decide if they would like to donate their items at the end.  They know up front that if they do, it will go to our local PCC.  We end up with a lot of clothes and furniture for them.  We also hold a diaper and formula drive to help the centers out.  Consider what you can do today!

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  1. Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing a very practical way to become involved in supporting pro-life activities. This is something we could all become involved in! Perhaps others could have garage sales or sponsor a rummage sale to support their pro-life organization of choice.

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