“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) December 12, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m a young mom of two little girls. I got married at 17 and found it hard to conceive. For our first daughter, the wait was two and a half years, and for the second, the wait was four more years. My ex was really abusive for the first two or three years, but he then turned to going out more, having affairs.... read more

Still Married

Challenges Women Face September 15, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m legally married but I have been separated from my husband since 2008 and don’t have any intentions of being with him. We are still legally married because I haven’t had the money for a divorce, and he does not want to give me the divorce. I’m currently with someone, and we love each other. I’m not sure what I should... read more


  Challenges Women Face May 2, 2017 Dear Julie: I met my child’s father when I was 15. Fell in love and dated for 9 years. We had short break ups throughout the years; however, we were young and immature. I cheated and pushed his buttons, and in turn he was physically abusive when the arguments got out of hand a few times throughout those years also. I never forgave him for when he put his hands on... read more