Thinking the Worst

  Challenges Women Face April 7, 2017 Dear Julie: I have been going through some marital problems and have asked God to help me through them. I know he has helped me. I have confessed my sins daily and still feel like I’m getting nowhere at times in my marriage. My husband is good for a while and then falls back into his other relationship. I have told him I am important and deserve better, and that... read more

In Need of Spiritual Advice

  Challenges Women Face September 27, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I have been separated for a year. He is with another woman who his mother approves of and promotes the relationship. He has a drug addiction that he indulges in every other month when he goes on a binge. I love my husband but I am tired of waiting. I have remained faithful through it all. We have been married for two years. –In... read more