Deeply Broken

Challenges Women Face August 25, 2017 Dear Julie: I am 33 years old and the mother of 2 little boys, but a couple years ago I decided to marry my youngest son’s dad. BIG MISTAKE on my part as he had already filed for divorce before we said our vows. He was verbally and physically abusive and finally, after seeing my young son start to hit, I left with divorce papers in hand. I’m juggling life... read more


Challenges Women Face May 30, 2017 Dear Julie: I can relate to falling into the same sin which is smoking cigarettes and dealing with my children’s father. He doesn’t mean me any good but I always let him back in because he acts as if he’s changed. But he hasn’t–his behavior is the same. He asked me to marry him and I wanted to but deep down inside I know I would be making the worst... read more