Help Needed

  Challenges Women Face December 30, 2016 Dear Julie: Hi. I am 21. I have a one year old daughter. I’ve been with her dad for five years and recently we split up. It’s been seven months. I’ve caught him with women, but a part of me still wants a family. He’s been very verbally and, at times, physically abusive. Very disrespectful and uncaring. It damaged me a lot. I have no... read more

Can’t Let Him Go

  Challenges Women Face September 9, 2016 Dear Julie: I was in a 6 yr relationship with a man that is 10 yrs younger then me. I’m 40 and he is 30. I caught him having sex with someone and still wanted to be with him but he said he wanted to get his own place. He said he’d been feeling that way for a long time so he got his own place. We’ve been separated for almost a year and I’m... read more