Lost and Sad

  Challenges Women Face May 26, 2017 Dear Julie: Hy heart is filled with so much pain. I have two daughters and six grands. If I tried to tell you from the beginning it would take all day. I stay in financial distress all the time. My children disrespect me continually. I cannot see where I was ever the worst parent. See I’ve basically raised them by myself. Their father was in and out of their... read more


Challenges Women Face May 17, 2016 Dear Julie: I never in a million years thought I would be writing a message regarding my issue. I married a fabulous man 5 years ago and we lived together for 3. He has 2 daughters (grown with children) and I also have grown children (with children of their own). The youngest of his daughters, we will call Mary, lost a baby 8 years ago. One of the most horrible things... read more

Lost & Confused in Florida

  Challenges Women Face April 19, 2016 Dear Julie: A lot has been going on in my life. In 2011 I went to prison because I was accused of child abuse. I didn’t do it but was charged because I left my daughter with the person who did do it. Not knowing he was going to hurt her. I’m writing you now because my husband and I want to start a family and have another child. I lost both of my daughters... read more