Fighting a losing battle?

  Challenges Women Face June 21, 2016 Dear Julie: I’m asking for your prayers. I’ve just been married for about 3 months, and was in a relationship with him a little over a year. I’m just full of anger and resentment (and mostly hurt) regarding his 2 younger children by a previous relationship. The problem is, I’ve never even met them (ages 8 and 2 1/2). The 2 1/2 year old is his only... read more

Not Fair

Challenges Women Face March 29, 2016 Hello Julie: Back in July I helped my son’s father by providing a home for him cause he had nowhere to go. After a couple of months went by, me and him got into a bad argument. He told me he was in a relationship with another woman, and he left me and his son and stayed with the chick he said he was going with. When he got down there he got a job, and not one... read more