¬† Challenges Women Face May 2, 2017 Dear Julie: I met my child’s father when I was 15. Fell in love and dated for 9 years. We had short break ups throughout the years; however, we were young and immature. I cheated and pushed his buttons, and in turn he was physically abusive when the arguments got out of hand a few times throughout those years also. I never forgave him for when he put his hands on... read more

Hurt, Alone, and Abandoned

Meeting Our Challenges Head-On! ¬†January 26, 2016 Dear Julie….please help. Me and my boyfriend broke up in November. We have been together 2 years. I’m 22 he is 24 and we have a 6 month old daughter together. We had an apartment and things were going pretty good and all of a sudden one night we got into an argument over money and things got very volatile. It ended up getting physical and he... read more