Challenges Women Face April 5, 2016 Dear Julie: I am 43 and my husband is 38. We’ve been married since 2008 and I had 2 children. Then in 2010 we had a baby gal. We have had a lot of issues.  He has walked out on our marriage and back again. I have been the stable one with a career in the military. When he leaves I am always left to pick up the pieces He say he believes in God. In 2013 he went to... read more

Broken and Used

 Challenges Women Face April 1, 2016 Dear Julie: Hello I just needed some uplifting . I am currently in a broken state. This was our second chance at happiness and he tells me I blew it. Three weeks ago I asked him for love and some attention and affection. He says that since he never does these things, I will never get them. I was not expecting him to blow up on me like that. It’s been 3 weeks now... read more

Seeking God’s Best

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! February 2, 2016 Dear Julie: I just wanted to tell you that I’ve only recently seen your writings but I appreciate them. The past 2 I’ve read we’re very helpful. If you are able and have time, I ask you to pray for me. My ex-husband left me 7 years ago with 4 children. God has grown me and changed me so much. He has healed me of a lot and gives me grace and... read more

Used and Abused

Meeting Our Challenges Head-On! January 15, 2016 Dear Julie: I need prayers today because I was in a relationship for 20+ years and 6 children. All of a sudden two years ago my husband said is not in love anymore and he made everything seem to be my fault so I changed and did anything to try and fix our relationship. He told me for a year and a half that we was gonna work on our problems but it never... read more

Feeling Trapped

Meeting Today’s Challenges Head-On! December 8, 2015 Dear Julie: I don’t know why the Spirit is leading me to contact you as I’m not a person to tell my business. I’m a woman of God and hold an office as elder in my church. My husband is also a believer and I’ve been with him for twenty years (married for fifteen). We have two kids, ages nineteen and twelve. I’m not in love with him now,... read more

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