Challenges Women Face August 11, 2017 Dear Julie: I hope you can be a blessing to me on this. My husband died in 2016, and I want to date again. But he has to be a Godly man. I know I’m not wrong for this, right? I’m a saved woman but there is a guy I let go because he doesn’t understand me, and he’s not saved. He just wants me. I try to explain to him he is not what I want. I... read more

Waiting for My Husband

Challenges Women Face February 10, 2017 Hello Julie: I have been praying for a husband for a while now. One day about a year ago a friend gave me a prophetic word (I never spoke to her about me praying for a husband) and she said that God would be sending me a husband. He was being prepared for my kids. I didn’t think too much of it…but deep inside I thanked our Father. I waited and waited and... read more