Lost and Confused

  Challenges Women Face March 6, 2017 Dear Julie: Ever since I could remember I craved my father’s attention and praise. Instead I got his anger and harsh words. Due to my father’s careless drunken mistakes with me, it has led me to accept and be accustomed to abuse. My mother has had a very bad drug problem with meth for as long as I can remember. Starting at age 10, I was angry and scared I... read more


  Challenges Women Face November 4, 2016 Hi Julie: I come to you right now to seek your advice. I am an engaged woman and I have been debating leaving my fiance because he does nothing but scream and yell at me. Currently I can’t leave him because I am pregnant and high risk. I cannot work due to the doctors. I am now talking with someone who I have always had feelings for. He wants a relationship... read more

Just Confused

  Challenges Women Face October 18, 2016 Dear Julie: I met this guy 8 months ago after coming out of a long term relationship. At first, he was a friend & a listening ear. Well, one thing lead to the next, but things then changed. We don’t talk or see each other like we used to. He doesn’t text, call, or visit. I’m so confused because I like him. I don’t know if I should tell... read more

Needing Peace

Challenges Women Face February 19, 2016 Hi Julie: As I read these incredible posts, my story is the same. My husband of 9-1/2 years (and together for 21 years) is cheating on me. This blindsided me. I found a text message on 12/8, and told him to  leave. Then I started missing him and couldn’t function. I begged him to come back . We spoke and I thought we were good, but he kept on lying. Then on... read more