Weak and Confused

Challenges Women Face July 26, 2016 Dear Julie, A few months ago I met a man I thought was perfect. We started out as good friends. I enjoyed our conversations and just being in his company for the most part. While still getting to know one another, I felt as if he was trying to rush or force a relationship on me so I would constantly let him know that I would rather take it easy. After the heartache,... read more

No Trust

  Challenges Women Face June 28, 2016 Dear Julie: I’ve been in a relationship for five years with a guy. We have a child together. He has cheated on me throughout our relationship. I have no trust in him at all. All I can think about is everything he has put me through, but I love him and don’t know what to do anymore.–No Trust ***** Dear No Trust: My advice to you is to lay down the... read more