Out of Touch

“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” (Isaiah 40:1) November 24, 2017 Dear Julie: I’ve been struggling with panic attacks and depression. I’ve been put on a Medicine I’m unsure about called Ativan. I’ve taken it for about two months. I’m just constantly scared of death. I’m a true hypochondriac. Everything I fear is unrealistic. Or illogical. I’m afraid... read more

Struggling with My Faith

  Challenges Women Face February 17, 2017 Dear Julie, I’m writing because I’m dealing with the loss of my father-in-law. It’s been a tremendous loss for my family. My husband is absolutely overwhelmed with grief. It was a very sudden and unexpected passing. My husband was the closest to his father out of the three siblings. His siblings didn’t have a relationship with their father,... read more

Can’t Stop Crying

  Challenges Women Face May 27, 2016 Dear Julie: Don’t know where to start. My fiance was killed in a car accident 6 years ago. I have been on disability for an eye problem. To mask the pain of my loss, I went to school and got my Associates degree. Now at 51, I can’t find a job. I’m feeling extremely lonely and depressed. I don’t get enough money each month to cover my bills, so I... read more


  Challenges Women Face May 24, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I were married for 15 years and built a successful family-run business. We were 2 families put together. Our marriage wasn’t perfect but we were happy. Then a few years ago we had several tragedies within weeks of each other. We lost a grandchild and a grown child. We both fell apart in different ways. I shut down completely, he turned... read more

Missing My Son

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! November 27, 2015 Dear Julie: I wish to remain anonymous please…here’s my question- 13 months ago my 15 yr old son passed away- my priest assured me he is in heaven which gives me comfort. But there are sooo many people who claim to get signs form loved ones- feathers, seeing a cardinal, etc. How could people possibly be in heaven AND here to send signs? I have... read more

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