Lost and Overwhelmed

Challenges Women Face September 5, 2017 Dear Julie: I need your help. I’m lost and overwhelmed and suicidal. Feel so alone battling depression anxiety and so many losses. I love the Lord but am finding it hard to go on. Please pray for me. –Lost and Overwhelmed ***** Dear Lost and Overwhelmed, If you are seriously suicidal, I urge you to get immediate help. Call the Suicide Hotline in your... read more


  Challenges Women Face May 2, 2017 Dear Julie: I met my child’s father when I was 15. Fell in love and dated for 9 years. We had short break ups throughout the years; however, we were young and immature. I cheated and pushed his buttons, and in turn he was physically abusive when the arguments got out of hand a few times throughout those years also. I never forgave him for when he put his hands on... read more

Not Good Enough

Challenges Women Face December 27, 2016 Dear Julie: I feel like I’m not loved by my boyfriend. I put so much effort for him and he doesn’t do the same for me. I’m always sad and heart broken all the time. It’s so hard to leave, we always end up getting back together when we separate. I’m tired of feeling depressed and sad. I caught him messaging another woman last week and it... read more