Help Needed

  Challenges Women Face December 30, 2016 Dear Julie: Hi. I am 21. I have a one year old daughter. I’ve been with her dad for five years and recently we split up. It’s been seven months. I’ve caught him with women, but a part of me still wants a family. He’s been very verbally and, at times, physically abusive. Very disrespectful and uncaring. It damaged me a lot. I have no... read more

Praying for Change

  Challenges Women Face August 9, 2016 Dear Julie: As I lay in bed with my baby girl and read all these stories people are writing you, I feel relieved. At first I was skeptical about writing because I only talk to my mom about my problems and she’s always been here for me and my two kids. But today as I was reading these stories, it was like God put something in my heart to write you. So I’m... read more