Needing Peace

Challenges Women Face February 19, 2016 Hi Julie: As I read these incredible posts, my story is the same. My husband of 9-1/2 years (and together for 21 years) is cheating on me. This blindsided me. I found a text message on 12/8, and told him to  leave. Then I started missing him and couldn’t function. I begged him to come back . We spoke and I thought we were good, but he kept on lying. Then on... read more

A String of Selah Pearls – Psalm 67:1

Positioned gracefully across the Book of Psalms is a string of seventy-one pearls, lovely beads of wisdom followed by the admonition SELAH which means, “Pause, think on these things, meditate.”    Psalm 67:1 “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us.  Selah.” Meditation Our grandson Luke, learning to walk, would look up at... read more

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Today is Mary’s birthday! We’ve been friends since 8th grade, college roommates, and lifelong buds. Eight years ago we took the trip of a lifetime, backpacking together (just the two of us) in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Flying stand-by, we ended up in first class. Lugging our clothes on our backs, we ended up in posh hotels. (There’s too much story to go into–but let me tell... read more