Praying for Peace

Challenges Women Face February 9, 2016 Dear Julie: I became a widow three years ago and my life turned upside down. I lost my home and my job. I also lost my mom three years ago due to breast cancer. I buried my mom on New Year’s Eve 2012, and on Jan 3 2013 my husband passed away due to colon cancer. We have two children both in college far away from home so I’m alone most of the time. Julie,... read more

The Promise of God’s Sovereignty

Move over Allstate! God’s people are in Good Hands–the Best Hands! Yet sometimes, when battered by the storms of life, our faith is tested. Job had occasion to waiver in his faith. He lost everything–his wealth, his children, his health. Even his grieving wife took one look at his scabrous body and said something like Have you taken a good long look at yourself lately? Why don’t... read more