Seeking God’s Best

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! February 2, 2016 Dear Julie: I just wanted to tell you that I’ve only recently seen your writings but I appreciate them. The past 2 I’ve read we’re very helpful. If you are able and have time, I ask you to pray for me. My ex-husband left me 7 years ago with 4 children. God has grown me and changed me so much. He has healed me of a lot and gives me grace and... read more

The Promise of Answered Prayer

This morning I learned that an old friend has lung cancer and will start chemo next week. From other things he said, it looks very serious. I assured him Dick (my hubby) and I would be praying for him. I love the promise of I John 5:13-15. “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. This is the assurance we have in... read more

A String of Selah Pearls (continued)

Positioned gracefully across the Book of Psalms is a string of seventy-one pearls, lovely beads of wisdom followed by the admonition SELAH which means, “Pause, think on these things, meditate.” Psalm 4:2 “How long, O men, will you turn my glory into shame? How long will you love delusions and seek false gods? Selah.” Meditation: It’s as if God is saying in... read more