Can’t Stop Crying

  Challenges Women Face May 27, 2016 Dear Julie: Don’t know where to start. My fiance was killed in a car accident 6 years ago. I have been on disability for an eye problem. To mask the pain of my loss, I went to school and got my Associates degree. Now at 51, I can’t find a job. I’m feeling extremely lonely and depressed. I don’t get enough money each month to cover my bills, so I... read more


Meeting Our Challenges Head-On! January 5, 2016 Hi Julie: I’m completely heartbroken. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday. Everything we’ve built is now tumbled onto the ground, how hard I tried to make it work doesn’t mean anything anymore, everything I did for him doesn’t mean anything, I gave myself to him and now that’s gone and irreplaceable, and my love for him will... read more