Challenges Women Face September 8, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m writing to you with a heavy and bitter heart. I believe it is my fault. I did things I believe that were out of God’s will and now I’m paying the price. I’m married with two children and another one on the way. Me and my husband never are able to go out, we are always struggling to pay off bills and I feel my husband ignores me... read more

Waiting Patiently

Challenges Women Face July 25, 2017 Dear Julie, After many years of failed relationships, 2 divorces, and being reborn to Christ, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that you can’t have a friends-with-benefits relationship with someone while wanting +praying for a godly husband…I have nixed the friends-with-benefits and continue in prayer for a husband…just need to know what else to do, where... read more

Lost and Overwhelmed

  Challenges Women Face April 18, 2017 Dear Julie: I am writing to you because I am lost and overwhelmed. I am married and have 4 beautiful teenage daughters. I struggle daily! I feel out of control and have severe anxiety. Two years ago I had finally decided that I was okay with being average. But then at church the following Sunday, a prophet called me up to the front and told me that I was not meant to... read more

Waiting for My Husband

Challenges Women Face February 10, 2017 Hello Julie: I have been praying for a husband for a while now. One day about a year ago a friend gave me a prophetic word (I never spoke to her about me praying for a husband) and she said that God would be sending me a husband. He was being prepared for my kids. I didn’t think too much of it…but deep inside I thanked our Father. I waited and waited and... read more


  Challenges Women Face August 19, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I have been married for 9 yrs but we have been separated for the last 2 yrs. We have been together for 17yrs total. We are cordial to each other and talk everyday on the phone or see each other. However he has been in and out of prison since the beginning of our relationship. I have grown spiritually and now have a more intimate... read more

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