The Promise of Pure Joy

Does the world seem a joyless place–the news all bad? Does it seem that even when good news is reported, it’s recounted with a sense of incredulity and, perhaps, skepticism? Well, guess what . . . the world IS a joyless place, full of tribulation and sorrow. Abiding joy is found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ–and this CAN BE hard to believe, unless you’ve experienced... read more

The Promise of Tribulation???

Whether you want to call it a promise or a fact of life, Jesus said “In the world, you will have tribulation.” Thankfully he goes on to say, “but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” Yet, we don’t like to “tribulate.” In fact, we often act surprised when things don’t go our way. We act as if there’s been a cosmic mistake made when bad things... read more