Seeking Guidance & Clarity

Challenges Women Face October 14, 2016 Hello Julie: I’m a mid-twenties mother of a wonderful toddler baby girl. I was in a 3-year relationship with my daughter’s father. Through this time we went through an abortion, lots of cheating on his end, and domestic violence. I tried to stay in the relationship because I truly love him with all my heart. I always made excuses for him because as a... read more

Searching for Happiness

Challenges Women Face September 16, 2016 Dear Julie: About 10 months ago me and my one and only guy best friend of 10+ years decided to try a relationship. Me personally, I knew that he was a handful considering everything we would discuss about his female partners over time. Thinking I meant way more to him and he loved me just as much as I loved him, I just knew that it would work with no problem. About... read more


Challenges Women Face June 7, 2016 Dear Julie: With great faith In God, I had gone to US to get settled with my best friend who was staying there past 10 years. But when I was there, he started making excuses saying he doesn’t want to get married..needs time. And he asked me go back to London. If I stay more, I too would be illegal.I was so broken as I came back. I had made it clear to him that... read more


  Challenges Women Face May 24, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I were married for 15 years and built a successful family-run business. We were 2 families put together. Our marriage wasn’t perfect but we were happy. Then a few years ago we had several tragedies within weeks of each other. We lost a grandchild and a grown child. We both fell apart in different ways. I shut down completely, he turned... read more


Challenges Women Face March 1, 2016 Dear Julie: I have a problem or you can say a situation that I can’t understand. I have a friend which we dated about nine years ago and I admit that I was wrong for cheating on him. Okay over the years we both had someone, even had a baby of our own with other people not together. But we always stayed in contact with each other. As of today he says he... read more

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