Challenges Women Face September 19, 2017 Dear Julie: Good afternoon God bless you. I’ve been waiting for my soul mate for a little while now. I’ve been celibate for almost 3 years. How would I know when God is giving me a sign of the right person? –Celibate Dear Celibate: Good for you! I am certain, based on the Bible, that God is happy you’ve been waiting for Him to send you the... read more

Still Wanting

  Challenges Women Face June 20, 2017 Dear Julie, Sometimes I can give advice but I can’t take my own. I am saved but I met this guy who is not saved. He also said he wanted a wife, so I ended up being intimate with him and feeling bad about it. Even though I like him, I can’t do this and I told him so he broke up with me. He says he doesn’t want to put him or me through this–he... read more

Seeking Input

  Challenges Women Face May 23, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m a virtuous woman who has been through some weary days. Before I found Christ I was on drugs for years so that should be enough and its explanation about that lifestyle. I knew of Christ at that time. One day he set me in recovery and that’s when I truly met him for myself laying on them recovery beds. Wow, it is amazing now, I don’t... read more


  Challenges Women Face February 20, 2017 Dear Julie: What does God feel about polygamy? Is God pleased with it? –Wondering ***** Dear Wondering: No, absolutely not. God intends marriage to be a faithful union of one man and one woman, picturing the faithful love of Christ and his bride the church. God bless you. Julie _______________________ Remember, friends, as challenges come our way, we can face... read more


  Challenges Women Face August 16, 2016 Dear Julie: I am a young woman who is currently single. I guess you can say that I am a baby Christian and still trying to learn God. I talk to God daily and ask him questions, about my single life, career goals, purpose and etc. But I can never hear back from him or maybe he is talking to me but I don’t realize it. What are some of the ways that I can... read more

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